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Ark of the Highlands is a church of the New Covenant with Jesus Christ. We are a church for the people.

We believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of God’s love through The Holy Spirit. We worship in spirit and in truth. We give back to the community and are on a mission to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

The word of the Lord

We believe in the study of the infallible word of the Lord, the Holy Bible.

  • We meet for weekly in-person bible studies.
  • We offer biblical training courses for soon to be appointed parishioners.
  • We enjoy biblically inspired field trips.

We offer services in the community to meet the needs of all kinds of families.

  • We feed families every Sunday after service from 11-12.
  • Our center offers ESL courses and childcare assistance.
  • We take mission trips to Haiti

Our ministries focus on strengthening the family. Everyone is encouraged to be involved in our services.

  • Children’s songs and bible lessons.
  • Young women’s and young men’s zoom meetings.
  • Married women and married men retreats

Why the Highlands?

The Ark of the New Covenant Church - Highlands Campus is a dynamic powerhouse for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Stewarded by Bishop Renelus Maxime and First Lady Dagelia Maxime, We are a Pentecostal based ministry with over 50 years of roots planted in Haiti.

Dynamic Worship

We worship in English, French, Creole and Spanish with live musicians, tambourines, flags and praise dancers.

Join Us

Everyone matters in the body of Christ. Bring your talents and your heart to serve for the Kingdom of God. We have the perfect place for you.

Let us come get you

We offer pick-up and drop off services.

Helping Those in Need

We offer official ordination possibilities for all those who are willing to serve. May the people of God rise up and take their place to do the perfect work of the Lord.


We partake of holy communion every first Sunday of the month. Come and eat of the bread of life and drink of the wine of the everlasting covenant.

Change your life

Our members learn by serving. They grow and spread the gospel in their daily lives.

Part of the community

When you come and participate, you are one of us. Please bring your family and friends.

Contact Us

Please email us with any questions or prayer requests.

Thank you for visiting our website. God bless you.

Ark of the Highlands

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Sundays: 9am - 11am

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Bishop R. Maxime




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